About Us: Chrysalis Preschool

Chrysalis Preschool was established in 2008 from a need identified by our founding partner, the Baby Therapy Centre. The preschool provides adapted schooling and intensive therapy to children with a variety of disabilities, including both physical and psychosocial, aged 3 – 6 years. We aim to ensure that no matter what the disability, the extent of the disability, or the socioeconomic background of the child; they have access to schooling and multidisciplinary therapy, in order to achieve their fullest potention. Chrysalis Preschool aims to bridge children toward formal schooling through individual objectives determined by for each child, thereby improving their functional prognosis, and enhancing their potential to become a functional adult, able to contribute to soceity.

Chrysalis Stimulation and Care Centre, which is situated on the same premises as the preschool, provides intensive therapy and independence training to children with severe and profound disabilities, who are unable to follow an academic curriculum, aged 3 – 9 years. Chrysalis Stimulation and Care Centre aims to ensure that each child with a profound disability, has a measure of control in his/her life, and that their potential for independence in self-care, communication and mobility are enhanced.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life of children with disablities, and that of their families, through various interventions, a supportive environment, caring and committed staff, and an attitude of perseverance and gratitude. Chrysalis Preschool is Non-Profit Organization (097-095-NPO), please note that all donations are tax deductible and companies are exempt from paying donations tax should they wish to donate to our organization (PBO:930039431).

Preschool fees for 2016: School day till 14:30 including all group therapies: R3600 per month

Current Needs List:
1. Any donation toward operational expenses including staff salaries
2. Donations toward new “inclusive” playground equipment
3. Donations toward sponsorship of individual children